Laney College

Week 1 Notes — 1/20/15

Week 1 Notes — 1/20/15

The class was introduced to our instructor, Noemi Zeigler-Sanchez, and our TA, Carl Fritzsche.

The class reviewed the syllabus, with emphasis on expectations regarding attendance and participation.

Alternatives to buying a new textbook were reviewed:  using a copy in the library or purchasing a used text through vendors like Abebooks.  The text should be no older than the 5th edition.

Screenwriting software was discussed as potential tools to make your writing of scripts easier.  The following are examples:

Final Draft (may be available on the Macs in the computer lab.)

Movie Magic

For watching current movies on a budget, the Grand Lake Theater has movies everyday for $5 before 6 PM and all day on Tuesday.

The class discussed screenwriting in general.  Noemi emphasized that screenwriting is about storytelling using the visual media — not telling but by showing us the story, the characters’ feelings, etc.

The class watched then discussed the multi-award-winning short film, “The Red Balloon.”



  1. Get the textbook. Read pages 1 – 50.
  2. Re-watch “The Red Balloon” (1956) on YouTube then TYPE one paragraph describing the story in your own words, as if you were telling it to a child. Limit to one paragraph.
  3. Try to watch one movie (that is currently out in the theaters) so that we can discuss it next class.