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Week 4 Notes — 2/10/15

Week 4 Notes — 2/10/15

(NOTE: Class notes from last week were updated to include additional information and links to video clips about Charlie Chaplin.)

The class spent 10 minutes writing about their observations/impressions from reading the first 50 pages of the “Precious” film script:

  • What do you remember from your reading?
  • Anything including sights, sounds, character descriptions, events.

The class reviewed some of the student’s “School Daze” homework (aloud.)

The class read  the opening of Precious screenplay in class and students discussed their impressions (from the writing assignment, above.)

Character Action Grid – The class broke into small groups and worked on the character action grid from page 140.  One character per column (Claireece Precious Jones, Mrs. Lichenstein, Mary). Not necessary to fill out the last 6 rows (catalyst through denouement.

The following are clips related to the script and movie “Precious:”

Upcoming Quiz – Noemi announced that we will have a terminology quiz in 2 weeks — on Week 6.

Campus Talent Show – Jon-Mychal shared that a campus talent show on Feb 12, 6 – 8 PM at the Student Center, Laney College. It is free for Peralta Students.  $10 – $20 public donations accepted.  Group rates available onsite.  For more information:

HOMEWORK – Noemi provided an overview of upcoming homework assignments and due:

  • Due week 5: Create an original character who would attend Laney College. Fill out the character action grid (text p 140) for them. NOTE:  It is not necessary to fill out the last 6 rows (catalyst through denouement.) Then, start creating a story for this character by doing Checkpoints 4, 8 and 13 from book (pgs 125, 127, 130)
  • Due week 6: 20 page Journal (Pushed out 1 week from original due date of Week 5.)
  • Due week 5, Re-read the first 50 pages of Precious screenplay and answer the following questions (also handout):
  1. The movie script opens with a quote from the Talmud. Why do you think Geoffrey Fletcher chose this as the opening image(s)?
  2. Why did he specify “A line at a time, the following quote appears over a black screen?”
  3. What theme(s) and issues do the opening scene (EXT HARLEM STREET – DAY, pp 1 – 2) suggest the film will explore? Why do you think the screenwriter chose a Langston Hughes book?
  4. Precious fantasizes aften about various things. What do her fantasies symbolize?
  5. What do tests symbolize to Precious?
  6. Precious begins to change during her first day at the alternative school. What is different about the alternative school?
  7. At the part in the script where Precious is asked to read, the screenwriter has placed a rapid montage ( DOOR SLAMS, MOANS, PANTING, PLATES BREAKING, MEAT SIZZLING, ZIPPERS, GRUNTS, SQUEAKING BED SPRINGS, LAUGHTER, SCREAMS, A RAZOR SLICING YOUNG FLESH, SWEAT and DAYTIME TELEVISION all assault her mind’s senses.) Why is this montage here?
  8. One of Presious’ regular chores at home is to make meals for Mary. How are those meals described in the script? What do they symbolize?
  9. What does Precious want?
  10. What stands in her way?