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Week 5 Notes – 2/17/15

Week 5 Notes – 2/17/15

(Many thanks to Jon-Mychal Cox for taking the notes for this class.)

The class spent the first half of the class discussing screenplay concepts and terminology.

The class watched the short film “The Black Hole.”



3 Act Structure

ACT 1: status quo and ordinary world
The CATALYST (usually happens in the first 10 pages of a feature script) turns the protagonist’s world upside down and leads up to the big event.
The BIG EVENT is the turning point at the end of ACT 1, when the protagonist commits to the journey.

ACT 2: confrontation
Protagonist comes face to face with her/his biggest fear.
Rising dramatic action
Half way through is the pinch or midpoint – also called a point of no return: a renewed enthusiasm or a re-commitment to the journey; Frequently there is a defeat or a false victory.
Crisis is the all is lost moment – a near death moment for the protagonist (could be physical, metaphorical or spiritual death).

Act 3 : resolution
The problem is usually resolved, loose ends are tied up. The protagonist integrates what they learned on the journey back into their ordinary world.

Character/Action Grids – reviewed HW;  Discussed specific Character/Action Grids and check points; how to add dimension to our characters.

Confidence in creativity. take it to the concrete level.  Some body in their life discouraged creativity

Class continued reading the script to the movie “Precious,” out loud.