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Week 7 – 3/10/15

Week 7 – 3/10/15

(Many thanks to Debra Salan for taking the notes for this class.)

Cute Meet

  • In small groups we wrote scenes  based on the Cute Meet guidelines.  The groups then presented what they had written and the class discussed the elements of the scene, and whether the Cute Meet was compelling enough to drive the action to the next plot point and beyond.
  • The class watched and discussed the cute meet scene from Annie Hall, and then watched and discussed several other scenes for that film.

Media 125 MIDTERM — Precious Screenplay Analysis – Noemi distributed copies of the midterm, screenplay analysis of “Precious”  and explained and answered questions about the first 5 questions.  She will go over the rest next week. The midterm is due April 7.  Answer the following questions for the screenplay Precious by Geoffrey Fletcher — not the movie based on the script. Type your answers on a separate page.

1. (3 points) Write an original logline for Precious using the guidelines outlined in Anatomy of a Logline by Rob Gregory-Browne. Do NOT copy/modify an existing logline — the must be your own:

2. (9 points) For each of the main characters in the story (you should include at least three characters): a. What does the character want to accomplish? b. What are his/her obstacles? c. What’s at stake for her/him?

3. (1 point) What is the screenplay’s message?

4. (1 point) Who is the protagonist and why?

5. (3 points) Describe the protagonist’s character arc.

6. (3 points) Are the rules of the universe established early on i.e. elephants can fly? Describe three rules.

7. (1 point) Is there a specific tone established early on i.e. permission to laugh in a comedy? Give an example to illustrate your point.

8. (12 points) If you organize the script into a three act structure, pinpoint the following plot points in the script and explain why you think they are so (be specific): -Catalyst -Big Event -Pinch -Crisis -Showdown -Realization

9. (3 points) List three characters who at least sometimes function as a mentor? Briefly explain when in the script and how. (Refer to Hero’s Journey: http://’s_journey.htm#Heroine)

10. (5 points) For each of the following archetypes, list a character who at some point in the script takes on the role/mask and describe how: a. Threshold guardian, b. Herald, c. Shapeshifter, d. Shadow, e. Trickster (Refer to Hero’s Journey: http://’s_journey.htm#Heroine)

11. (3 points) Describe three plants and their payoffs in the script.

12. (4 points) A motif is a repeated idea, pattern, image or theme. Describe a motif developed throughout the script. When does it occur? What does it symbolize? Does it change or take on a new meaning as the story progresses? Be specific.

13. (2 points) Is the story open-ended or are all loose ends tied up? If there are loose ends, describe them.