Laney College

Week 8 – 3/17/15

Week 8 – 3/17/15

The class did a group exercise, “Distinct Reactions,” broke into groups and created short scenes for various scenarios (which were listed on a handout.)

Noemi provided an overview of loglines and the class read the logline handout.

HOMEWORK:  Write up a logline based on the first act of “Precious.”  Typed, due next week.

Noemi reviewed genres and the class discussed several “rules of the universe” that we would find in different genres and in movie scripts (like “Precious”) and in movies (like “The Red Balloon.”) Examples of rules of the universe are:

  • In “The Red Balloon,” one rule of the universe is that balloons have feelings, friends — are like humans.
  • In “Precious,” one rule is that verbal and physical abuse is “normal” in Precious’ daily life.

NOTE: The mid-term due date was moved out to the beginning of class on Tuesday, April 7.