Laney College

Week 9 – 3/24/15

Week 9 – 3/24/15

Student Film Project – The class watched several minutes of a film project produced by Franklin, which examined the impact of smoking pot on diverse people.

Concept – The class reviewed the idea of concept and read the “It’s Gotta Be Big” section of the textbook (page 30.) The class broke into small groups, each group developed a concept statement, in the form of a premise question, for the film that Franklin produced.  Some of the concepts:

  • What if smoking pot made you smarter?
  • What if you asked people who have never tried pot to do so?
  • What if you used marijuana as a conflict resolution tool?
  • What if you got members of the Bloods and the Crips to smoke pot together?
  • What if you showed the down sides of smoking pot through heavy users attempting to explain the benefits?

Loglines – Noemi reviewed loglines that were turned in.  Noemi referred everyone to Rob Gregory-Brown’s “Anatomy of a Logline.”  (See this link for details.)

The Hero’s Journey – Noemi provided a review of “The Hero’s Journey.”  (See this link for details.)

Script Analysis – Noemi reviewed the handout on Script Analysis:

  • Plants and payoffs – something in the script that would potentially meaningless until it is tied up with a “payoff” — something that reveals the reason for the plant and supports the theme.
  • Motif – any recurring sound, image or idea that evolves over the course of the script.
  • Open-ended – are there any lose ends?  Or, are there unresolved issues?

Homework Must Be Typed – Noemi reminded the class that homework must be typed unless otherwise instructed; she will not longer accept handwritten homework.

HOMEWORK DUE NEXT CLASS (4/7) – The “Precious” screenplay analysis is due at the beginning of class, April 7.