Laney College

Week 11 – 4/14/15

Week 11 – 4/14/15

Loglines – The class broke in to small groups to get feedback and work on each student’s logline.

Short Film – The class watched a short film.  The class discussed the clarity of the story line, the very good acting and how the images supported the story.

Cyrano’s Final Script, “Last Anniversary” – The class participated in a table read and audition for Cyrano’s final script.

Homework (Due Next Week – 4/21/15) – The homework is to write a logline and then a 3-paragraph synopsis of their final project idea — 1 paragraph per act — Acts I, II & II.  The text refers to this as a “one-sheet” or “pitch on paper” or “POP.”  This is used to pitch your story and leave it behind at pitching meetings.  So, here is an outline of what your “one-sheet” should contain:

  1. Your name and contact information
  2. Title of your story
  3. Logline
  4. 3-paragraph summary of your story (1 paragraph for each of Acts I, II & II.)

(See “Book V: How to Sell Your Script — A Marketing Plan” section of the text for examples.)