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Week 12 – 4/21/15

Week 12 – 4/21/15

Noemi reviewed some of the homework — loglines and one-page descriptions (treatment) of scripts.  There is a tendency to take on too much detail and too many characters.  The idea of telling one simple story with a clear arc first was emphasized.  Once this is done, details, foreshadowing, other character development, etc. should come later as a way to create the needed drama and tension as the story follows its basic arc.

The class viewed an excellent overview of how to start writing a 3-act story — Setting a Story in Motion: Michael Arndt on the Lessons He Learned at Pixar:



The class also watched and discussed a hard-hitting French music video by Stromae:

HOMEWORK (DUE Next Week, 4/28):  Either 2) Produce the first 5 pages of a 10-page script (up through the pinch) based on your story:

Act 1 should be from page 1 – page 2 1/2 (First 25% of story.)

Act 2 should be from page 2 1/2 – page 7 1/2 (Middle 50% of story.)

Act 3 should be from page 7 1/2 – page 10 (Final 25% of story.)

For treatments, follow the suggestions from last week’s handout.

For script formatting, follow the text, Book 3, page 154, which include:

  • Character’s first appearance in description — present name in ALL CAPS the first time it is used in a description. Example:

LARRY, the chief of surgery, storms out of the surgery suite.  In the hallway, Larry runs into his elderly mother, JANE.

  • Character’s names as heading for dialog is always in ALL CAPS and the dialog follows:

I will never like that man. I gotta brain. He don’t.

  • Parenthetical statements – provide action or attitude for the character and is placed under the character’s name:

(Choking on a cigarette)