Laney College

Week 13 – 4/28/15

Week 13 – 4/28/15

Treat/Synopsis/Outline – what we see on the screen, scene-by-scene.  Noemi highlight treatment format. Third-person, broad strokes of what we see.  We reviewed some students’ treatments.  Noemi shared the resource

Jon-Mychal Cox, reminded us that Laney Election Days are May 12 – 13 (and asked that we consider voting for him for president.)

Homework (Due 5/5/14) – Based on feedback received, update, clarify and improve story line, plot points and turn in a typed copy of either your:

  1. Logline & 3-paragraph synopsis or
  2. First 2 pages (of 4-page) treatment or
  3. First 5 pages (0f 10-page) script

Be sure to set up a clear problem and build-up to a climactic scene and on to a resolution.