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The Media Communications Department offers courses in video production, broadcasting, and post production for digital video, film, radio and the broadcast arts. There are three major degrees/certificates which offer entry into the industry or transfer to a four-year institution. The courses cover the gamut of authoring, producing, editing and distributing creative content for the continually evolving communications technologies.


Certificates/AA Degrees

Digital Video Production for Video, Broadcast & Digital Cinematographymia031
Covers the range of production from script development, hands-on professional production equipment, post production applications, and media business management. Production of creative content for video, film, broadcast TV, radio, cable, web and other emerging communications utilizing video.


Performance and Production for Video, Broadcast & Digital Cinematography
Acting, directing and producing for the digital screen arts, as opposed to the theater. Includes experience in announcing, broadcast journalism, scriptwriting, drama, voice-overs, news and sportscasting.


New Certificate of Proficiency

Audio Production for Video, Broadcast & Digital Cinematography
Digital audio editing, recording, mixing and mastering.




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