AV Technologist Certificate

AV Technologist Certificate

Earn your AV Tech Certificate in as little as three semesters!

Complete your AV Tech Certificate by Spring 2020 and the program will pay your exam fee for AVIXA’s Certified Technology Specialist certificate, the global industry standard.

The new AV Installation Certificate is a collaboration between Laney and City College of San Francisco. Most of the classes can are available at either college, except for four courses, two of which are only available at Laney or CCSF. Please see the table below for the program/class outline. Students can graduate from either home college, and both are adjacent to BART.

AV Techs create the visual and audio media experience

                                … at conventions, concerts, and sports events

                                       … in boardrooms, nightclubs, and classrooms

What can I do?

Installer: Set up interconnected AV systems and do hands-on problem-solving.

Live Events Professional: Be the wizard behind the scenes who wows the crowd at big events like your favorite concerts or sports playoffs.

AV Technology Manager: Manage the day-to-day AV experiences at schools or corporations, ensuring that students learn or as business partners who can collaborate in California or Hong Kong.

What classes will I take?

Course # Course Title Campus Availability
MEDIA 111 Audio Production or BCST 120 at CCSF
MEDIA 104 Video Production (Single-Camera) or BCST 141 at CCSF
MEDIA 108 Video Production (Multi-Camera) or BCST 140 at CCSF
MEDIA 460B AV Work Experience or BCST 165 at CCSF
MEDIA 165 AudioVisual Essentials I Laney only
MEDIA 166 AudioVisual Essentials II Laney only
Interconnecting Audio Systems BCST 127B at CCSF only
Live Sound BCST 128 at CCSF only