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MEDIA 100A and 100B, Broadcast Media Announcing and Performance
Instructor: Noemi Zeigler Sanchez
Contact: (always include your name and course title in the subject line; homework assignments are not accepted via email)
T.A.: Carl Fritzsche

Class Codes: (100A) L140906 & L1L40907; (100B) L140908 & L1L40909
Location: Theater Building, Room 426
Class hours: Thursdays Lecture 12:00pm-1:50pm, Lab 2-4:50pm
Office hours: Thursdays 5-6pm in rm 426 or in my 3rd floor office (arrange with me in advance)

Learning Outcomes:
• Analyze announcing copy to develop a performance that integrates appropriate vocal technique, characterization and emotional interpretation.
• Write and announce original PSA’s, commercials, product demonstrations, news broadcasts and interviews for radio and television.
• Critique others on performance and copy interpretation; provide concrete suggestions for improvement.

Required Text: Television and Radio Announcing, 12th edition, Stuart Hyde, Pierson publishing. ISBN-13: 978-0205901371

Materials Needed:
You will need to supply a flashdrive on a day we are recording audio or video projects if you would like to take home a copy of your work.

Recommended: I highly recommend using your phone to record audio and/or video to practice announcing copy when rehearsing during lab time or at home. You can also use a digital audio recording device or videocamera to get in the habit of recording yourself and playing it back.

Bibliography (suggested text): There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is: An Insider’s Guide to a Career in Voice-Overs, Elaine Clark, Backstage Books. ISBN-13: 978-0823077021. Directing Actors, Creating Memorable Performances for Film and Television, Judith Weston.

Your participation in class exercises and assignments is a major component of your grade. Attendance and deadlines are crucial to your professional success. LATE ASSIGNMENTS are only accepted on a case by case basis and always result in a point deduction.

Attendance and Class Participation: 30 points
Mock TV Interviews: 10 pts (2 interviews: one as interviewer, one as interviewee)
Critique clip of Radio or TV newscasts as assigned: 10 points
Radio commercial or PSA: 10 pts (performance plus script breakdown)
Radio News Program: 10pts (performance plus typed script)
TV Demo Commercial: 10 pts (performance plus typed script or outline)
Audition skills, Standup comedy, Teleprompter projects may replace a project above or be offered for additional points – TBA: 5 points each
2 take home exams and a Final Exam: 20 pts
• The exams are based on lectures, assigned reading, discussions and handouts and will be administered promptly (or if it is a take home, will be due) at beginning of class. THERE ARE NO MAKEUP EXAMS. If you miss an exam, you earn a zero for that assignment.
• 100B students who previously earned a C or above on the final exam need to speak with instructor to replace the exams with alternate assignments.
• All scripts and written assignments must be typed and are due in hardcopy at the beginning of class on due date — emailed assignments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Points are automatically deducted for NOT TYPING ASSIGNMENTS.

Attendance and Participation:

Your attendance and participation in class activities are very important to your professional success and comprise a large part of your grade.

You are expected to show respect to your classmates by arriving on time, being prepared, giving your full attention to your instructor and peers during lectures, discussions and critiques, and staying until the end of class. You earn 2 points for each class period you attend and participate in. If you show up late or leave early, you will earn at most 1 point for that day.

Participation is assessed on your ability to be a team player, show respect for others, communicate effectively, contribute substantively to class discussions and labs, and maturely receive and provide constructive criticism.
• Disruptive behavior or poor attitude=zero participation points for the day; you may be asked to leave or given a different assignment.
• Repetitive disruptions or disrespectful behavior=you will be asked to leave. You must meet with instructor privately before a return to class is allowed.
• Scripts not turned in when due=no recording of your project.

If absent, it is your responsibility to call another student to find out what you missed — the weekly schedule is always subject to change. Being absent is not an excuse for not being prepared. Do not ask instructor to catch you up in the middle of class if you have arrived late. Projects and in-class assignments cannot be made-up.

Absences are excused on the following grounds only: illness, injury or other medical necessity accompanied by a doctor’s note. Four tardies or early departures from class may drop the final grade by one step (B to C, C to D…) Four (4) unexcused or consecutive absences may result in a final grade of F or being dropped from the class.

Performance Lab rules:
• We agree to give each other honest but constructive (never destructive feedback).
• We agree to treat each other and each other’s efforts with respect. It is essential that we work to earn each other’s trust and to create an environment where all students feel safe to experiment, have fun, and ‘be six-years-old’ again.
• We won’t disturb the class in the middle of an acting exercise or performance by entering or exiting the room (unless completely necessary), talking, eating, laughing inappropriately, or answering cell phones. ALL CELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF DURING CLASS OR YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE A ZERO PARTICIPATION FOR THE DAY AND MAY BE ASKED TO LEAVE.

Plagiarism will result in a zero for an assignment and possible expulsion from the class. Plagiarism may consist of using the ideas, sentences, paragraphs, or the whole text of another without appropriate acknowledgement, but it also includes employing or allowing another person to write or substantially alter work that a student submits as his/her own.

It is never acceptable to copy and paste any part of an assignment from Wikipedia or from any other source that is not your own. Unless otherwise specified by instructor, you may NOT work with a partner on assignments.

Americans with Disabilities Act:
Instructor wishes to make this course as accessible as possible to students with disabilities that may affect any aspect of course assignments or participation. Please communicate with me by the second week of the course about any accommodations that will improve your experience in (or access to) this course. You can also contact the Disability Services and Programs for Students at 510-464-3428 for assistance.


*The weekly schedule is subject to change. Check with another student if you miss class.

Week 1 8/21/14
Introductions/Course overview. 100B students meet with instructor after class.
HW: Read chapter 1, 8 and skim appendix of Television and Radio Announcing.

Week 2 8/28/14
Discuss interviewing techniques. Conduct four-minute mock TV interviews. TAKE HOME MIDETRM EXAM ASSIGNED – DUE WEEK 8. HW: Read Chapters 2 and 3.

8/31/14 Last day to drop without a “W” and receive a refund; Last day to add.

Week 3 9/4/14
Continue four-minute TV interviews. HW due Week 5: Typed Critique of radio, TV or web interview segment assigned: select a Radio, TV or Web interview show of your choice. List the URL (link) to the audio or video clip. Select no more than 3 minutes of the interview to analyze. Discuss five ways the interviewer uses or doesn’t use effective interviewing principles from chapter 8.

Week 4 9/11/14
Continue four-minute TV interviews. HW: Read Chapters 4, 5 & 7.

Week 5 9/18/14
Turn in interview clip critiques. Be prepared to present your critique to the class. HW: Read chapters 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13

Week 6 9/25/14
Analyzing a commercial. Who, what, where, why? Radio commercials assigned. HW: Script Analysis of your commercial – Hand in a written analysis (include who, what, where, why and ACTION VERBS) next week.

Week 7 10/2/14
Turn in script analysis (Who am I? Where am I? Who am I speaking to? What’s my objective?). Record radio commercials.

Week 8 10/9/14
TAKE HOME MIDTERM EXAM DUE based on Chapters 1-8, handouts and lectures.
Original Radio Program assigned. You will work with a partner to develop a 4 minute program which includes an intro and outro plus at least four additional segments (choose from news, weather, sports, interview, commentary, etc.) plus a PSA or commercial (you are encouraged to write an original script for a real company or non profit). HW: First draft radio show due week 9.

Week 9 10/16/14
Turn in draft (at least one page) of original radio program. Rehearse. HW: Take home exam #2 covering chapters 9-13 assigned.

Week 10 10/23/14
Turn in complete radio program script. Discuss PSA and commercial copy structure.
HW: Rehearse Radio Program.

Week 11 10/30/14
Record Original Radio Program. You must turn in a typed script, a segment breakdown and a radio show checklist in order to record.
Week 12 11/6/14
TV Demo commercial assigned. HW: Prepare TV Demo Commercial: research product, type an outline containing bullet points about the product, and rehearse.

Week 13 11/13/14
Videotape TV Demo commercials. Turn in typed outline when you perform. Be sure to bring to class any required props and wardrobe AND a flash drive to take home a copy of your work.

Week 14 11/20/14
Continue videotaping TV Demo Commercials. Turn in typed outline when you perform. Be sure to bring to class any required props and wardrobe AND a flash drive to take home a copy of your work.

11/27-30/14 No class — THANKSGIVING!!!

Week 15 12/4/14
Take home exam #2 covering chapters 9-13 due. Review for final exam.

Week 16 12/11/14
Final Exam today at 12:15 sharp. Celebrate — class party!


We may produce a project for Peralta TV ( Details to be announced – if you miss a class, check in with a classmate for information.

We also may schedule a field trip to a TV or radio station – TBA.