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Media 129

Media 129

Media 129 Portfolio

Steve Shlisky

sshlisky@peralta.edu (510) 658-4253


Course Description:

This course is designed for the advanced student in the media department or related areas. You will independently create demo reel/portfolio (based on industry best practices) of your finished work. You will get extra credit if you create your own website featuring your portfolio. Depending on your projects, the class will meet as a group, individually with the instructor, and in consultation with other faculty in the department, if necessary. We will also view each other’s work, during group meetings and give constructive input. Though each student must have their own individual project, it is encouraged that you work with one another in your productions, as going completely solo is very challenging.

If you have gone through many of our other classes, you should be proficient in the use of our equipment. However, we will schedule a reminder workshop and a testing for those who have not studied with us. You must pass proficiency test in order to take out production equipment. We will discuss equipment sign-out responsibilities in class. Start deciding on your project today; we will hear your ideas in the second week.


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You must supply your own external hard drive or other appropriate storage for final projects and work in progress. Headphones are mandatory in the use of our editing labs.


Student Outcomes

1. Create an industry relevant reel of production projects.
2. Identify and evaluate critical aspects of other portfolio projects and demo reels.
3. Identify and communicate current trends in portfolios.




Final Video Projects 50%

10% Pitch

10% Production Synopsis

10% Budget

20% Finished Project (Rough & Final Cuts)


Demo Reel 20%

10% Demo Reel Plan

10% Finished Reel (Rough & Final Cuts)


Online Presence 10%

05% Social Posting (i.e. LinkedIn)

10% Other Posting or Website Creation


Attendance and Professionalism 15%


  • Attending all class meetings
  • Participating in critiques
  • Participation with other projects
  • Keeping appointments
  • Respectful interaction with classmates and teacher
  • Showing up on time
  • Appropriate use of cell phones (turned off unless needed as part of a production)
  • Safe use of equipment