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Laney College

Media 180/Photo 180

Media 180/Photo 180



Steve Shlisky sshlisky@peralta.edu (510) 658-4253 (Office Hours by appt.)

Mike Moya mmoya@peralta.edu



1. Demonstrate an understanding of the entire video production process, from conception to final product.
2. Function as a productive member of a team while participating in content creation activities.
3. Analyze and apply aesthetic considerations to a wide range of electronic media.
4. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, orally, in written form and in the medium.
5. Recognize the necessity to maintain a willingness and enthusiasm to keep current with technology and industry standards and practices.



The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide by Anthony Artis  (required)



Portable Hard Drive

SD Card(s)

Headphones or Earbuds



DSLR Camera Equipment

NLE Software




All writing assignments must be on 81/2” by 11” white paper, typed with 12-point font only. Use 1” margins all around and number all pages. For multiple pages, staple in the upper left hand corner. Skip the cover page and put your name in the upper left hand corner with the course number.


Assignments are due at the beginning of class. A late assignment is anything later than the beginning of class on the due date. It would be advantageous to turn in partially completed assignments rather than none at all since, there will be partial credit for partially completed work. Writing assignments may be sent via e-mail to sshlisky@peralta.edu as long as they reach me by the beginning of the class on the date due.


All late assignments will be marked down by 20% for each week it is late For example, a paper handed in on time will count for 5 points toward your total grade; one week late the most points you can expect will be 4; two weeks late 3 etc.




Video projects 30%

Final project –short narrative, documentary or PSA

Project Grading:

40% Technical Quality

40% Content Realization

20% Critique Participation


Written assignments 20%

4 assignments, 5% each

– Pitch (Written & Oral)

– Site Survey

– Synopsis

– Lighting Survey


Quizzes 30%

ePortfolio Pre & Post Test (5% each)

In Class Mid-Term Quizzes (10% each)

Expert Project 10%

Research Results 5%

Oral Presentation 5%


Attendance and Professionalism 10%


  • Attending all lecture and lab sessions
  • Participation in Various Group Presentations
  • Keeping appointments
  • Respectful interaction with classmates and teacher
  • Showing up on time for lectures and labs
  • Appropriate use of cell phones (turned off unless needed as part of a production)
  • Safe use of equipment