Laney College

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Laney College offers four Music A.A. Degrees and a variety of Certificates of Achievement. Current degree summaries and course requirements are linked below. Be sure to consult with a counselor and the Music Department Chair when beginning a new program. Those interested in completed the AA-T should enroll in Music 150 instead of piano, voice, guitar, or percussion classes. Look for the section of Music 150 that meets at the same time as the piano, voice, guitar, or percussion class it replaces.

Associate in Arts Degree (local)

Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree (AA-T)

Jazz (AA) (not available until Fall 2022)

Music Industry (AA)

*Certificates of Achievement: Music, Music IndustryJazz, Music History, Music Theory, and Musicianship and Performance

*Classes may be applied to multiple awards! Collect certificates as you work toward a degree.