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Music Skills and Theory

Music Skills and Theory


Music Theory

The Laney College Music Department offers a full range of Theory, Music Skills, and Music History classes both for students planning to transfer to four year programs and for musicians seeking to broaden their professional skills. It is highly recommended that students take the corresponding level of Music Skills along with each theory class.

Music Fundamentals (100) for non-majors.

Music Theory and Culture I (101) and Music Skills I (121)

Music Theory and Culture II (102) and Music Skills II (122)

Music Theory and Culture III (103) and Music Skills III (123)

Music Theory and Culture IV (104) and Music Skills IV (124)

Music Skills (Musicianship)

A challenging and highly rewarding series of classes, Music Skills include: ear-training, sight singing, melodic and harmonic dictation. Required for music majors and recommended for non-music majors who have some background in music. These courses are not recommended for students without prior music experience and should be taken in sequence. It is recommended that students also take the corresponding Music Theory course (101-104).

Pre/Co-requisites: Music 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, or instructor approval.

Music Skills I (Music 121), Music Skills II (Music 122), Music Skills III (Music 123), Music Skills IV (Music 124)