Laney College

Campus Safety and Security Services

Campus Safety and Security Services

Please report all crimes or suspected criminal activity occurring on Laney College campus property to:

Campus Security Services (510) 466-7236. You can dial ext. 7236 from any campus telephone.

Laney College Business Hours

Laney College is open to students Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Saturdays, the Laney College Campus is open for classes only from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The buildings are equipped with fire alarm systems that notifies the Oakland Fire Department when there is a fire incident.

Important Phone Numbers

Emergencies, 9-1-1

Vice President of Administrative Services, 510-464-3232 (General number, 510-464-3228)

Director of Facilities & College Operations, 510-986-6984

Laney Safety Aides (Emergency incidents and escort to/from classrooms and vehicles), 510-466-7236

Office of Public Information, 510-986-6922

Campus Security Services, 510-466-7236 (For towed vehicles call, 510-465-3456).

CampusShield Smartphone Safety App -Install Information:

This mobile security app can be installed on your mobile devices through IOS Apple Store and Android Google Play. A geo-fence has been built around each college and the surrounding freeways and any call from the colleges will be routed to Peralta Police main dispatch phone number at (510) 466-7236. Any call outside the geo-fence will be routed though the Global Positioning (GPS) to a 911 call center for immediate response in the city where the call is initiated. YouTube also has a short video on how it works: CampusShield Smartphone App.   See how to install CampusShield on your phone – click here.

Campus Blue Phone Locations:

  • There are 15 Emergency Blue Phones operating around campus. These phones have been enabled with both video & audio that connects with Peralta police dispatch.
  • The locations are as follows:
(1)   Wall mounted at the rear of the Theater, on top level, along the elevated walk facing Building “G”
(1)   Building “C” ground level in the breeze way facing the Forum

(1)   Building “C” top level, the elevated walkway, also facing the Forum

(1)  Swimming pool deck

(1)    Building “D” located in the breezeway between Gym and “D” across from pool

(1)    Building “D” upper level located next to elevator, D-200

(2)   Library interior wall mounts
(1)    Main entrance to the campus, wall mounted behind the flagpole
(1)    Outside Tower building wall mounted on Library, quad level
(4)   Parking Lot
(1)    On Student Center quad level across from “D” building

Click here for map of locations.

Plans and Procedures for Emergencies

In-classroom Emergency Response Procedure Flipchart

Peralta Police Services Early Warning System