Covid Accommodations

Covid Accommodations

This is an archive of our Covid Management plan. Currently we do not require masks but they may be worn if desired. August 2023

Enrollment Plan

We’ve set-up both Face-to-Face and Online classes to support everyone. If Covid infections rise, we take our Face-to-Face classes Online. We’ve done this before to great success. We encourage you to enroll soon to make sure these classes run.


A Safe Place

We established disinfection and social distancing protocols before the official Shelter in Place in mid-March 2020. This included hand-washing stations and the disinfection of all frequently touched surfaces from doorknobs to desks and all photo gear. As of this date, January 2022, CDC demands are less restrictive than at more challenging times. As such, we can express a fully-featured curriculum with proper social distancing, hygiene stations, masks, and dedicated spaces.


The Studio Space

The sheer volume (2000 square feet, 15 foot ceilings) and special features of our studio space gives us enormous advantage in meeting the special Social Distancing demands of the CDC. This is enhanced by the mobility of desks and other furnishings to allow for large, clear spaces. For example we can create separate sets for individual students who want it and share very large sets with  proper distancing.

Studio looking North

Studio looking South

Computer Lab

Our computer lab will be deconstructed and the computers, the blue squares, will be distributed individually in our 4 small film-loading rooms and limited to 7 in our lab rooms, 9 in our 2  Darkroom spaces and 2 in our Office. All will be hand-cleaned after each use.


Questions or concerns? Contact Chair Michael Mejia: or 510 541 7880