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Development, Enrichment & Entry Series Fall 2018 Schedule

Development, Enrichment & Entry Series Fall 2018 Schedule

PHOTO 10: Basic Photography. Units: 2

Description: Basic course in old-school black & white film photography (gelatin silver) 35mm film development and darkroom printing.

Tuesday Morning Class (9AM-1PM) Instructor: Black Moon, Room A178

Tuesday Evening Class (6PM -10PM) Instructor: Dean Freeman. Room A178

Sunday Morning Class (9AM -1PM) Instructor: Dean Freeman. Room A178


PHOTO 20/31A: Photojournalism Units: 3.                         Prerequisite Photo 70 or Photo 10.

Description: Components of Photojournalism: theory and practice in press and online publications, using the camera as a reporting and communications tool emphasizing photographic composition for creative impact.

Monday (6PM-10PM) & Wednesday (6PM-9PM) Instructor: Joan Bobkoff. Room A178


PHOTO 30A/B/C: Photographic Art & Design. Units: 3    Prerequisite: Photo 70 or 10.
Students must supply their own 35mm film or digital camera and have an instruction manual or working knowledge of the camera operations.
Description: Weekly submission and critique of photographs to be evaluated for intent, composition, lighting and color:

Thursday Morning class (9AM-12 noon) Instructor Joan Bobkoff. Room A178.


PHOTO 70: Introduction to Digital Photography. Units: 2
Description: Introduction to digital photography: Theory and practical application, camera operation, image adjustment and file management, use of standard industry editing software.

Tuesday Morning Class (9 AM -1PM)  Staff.  Room F170D

Thursday Evening Class (6PM -10PM) Staff. Room F170D

Tuesday & Friday (1:45PM- 3:15PM) Dual Enrollment at Oakland High School. Staff



PHOTO 180: HDSLR Workflow. Units: 3
Description: Introduction to DSLR video production using your still camera. Filmmaking with the latest HDSLR technology. Hands-on field lighting instruction and field-to-edit-output workflow. Exposure and basic in camera capture control. Using sliders, tripods, monitors, dual system audio recording and DSLR rigs for low cost alternative to Video Production.

Thursday Evening Class (5PM -10PM) Room: TH-426


Michael Moya : mmoya@peralta.edu /  http://www.moyafotografx.com

Steve Shlisky: sshlisky@peralta.edu