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Advice for adding my class

Please read this handout.  It contains good advice for those of you who want to add Chemistry 1A or are considering adding the course:  ADVISE FOR CHOOSING A CHEMISTRY CLASS

Students enter a chemistry class by adding the lab.  If the lab is full, then the class is full.  The student is either on a wait list, or must add the class.

Advice for adding if you are not in the class or on the wait list:

  • Keep trying.  Students sign up for classes early, but have conflict develop as they try for other classes.
  • Come on the first day.  I do not have permission numbers to add students to the wait list until the first day of school.
  • During the first two weeks of school, I take roll every day, in lecture and in lab.  If you want to be in the class you have to come to class and lab.
  • Try to get into the lab of choice.  My class is large! Everyone wants to come to the first lab.  Safety rules will not allow me to have 40 students in one lab and 12 in the other.  So be patient; if you need the early lab, you might have to wait.  If it is a job conflict, try to enroll in the early lab first and keep trying. I do my best to accommodate working students, but I can’t accommodate everyone.
  • Last but not least: impress me with your desire to be in the class: come on time, have the necessary tools, read ahead, come to office hours during the first few weeks.  I tend to add the students that make the class a priority.

    Before I can give you a permission number:

  • You need to show the instructor (Me!) documentation that you have fulfilled the requirements for the course.  The best form is an unofficial transcript or your grade report for Intermediate Algebra