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Chapter 12

Chapter objectives: Chapter 6 objectives

Brown & Lemay Notes and slides: 

  1. Brown & Lemay CH 6 notes
  2. 06_Lecture-2

Chapter related handouts and worksheets:

  1. Notes of chapter 6: CH 6 electrons in atoms
  2.  Common filling order for electron configurations:craig’s filling
  3. Electron configuration worksheet
  4. Variation of energies in fills:Variation Of Energy Levels For Atomic Orbitals Of Some Elements
  5. orbital picture:orbital pictureselectronic orbitals
  6. more to read on the quantum:more on quantum
  7. chapter 6 lecture slides from Brown & LeMay 06_Lecture
  8. Chapter 6 lecture notes from Brown & LeMany IRM_ch06-2
  9. Why don’t you microwave metals”Why You Generally Shouldn’t Put Metals in the Microwave

Chapter drills: Chapter 06 Drill