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Chapter 04

Chapter objectives: Chapter 4 objectives

Brown & Lemay Notes: B&L Chapter04

Chapter related handouts and worksheets: 

  1. Solubility flow chart from lecture and solubility chart for homework and exams:6) solublity chart & 5) solubility rubric
  2. Solubility worksheet: solubility rules worksheet
  3. Practice NIE and answer key:Net ionic eq WS & Net ionic eq WS-as
  4. How to write NIE, a general copy of the one you will get in lab: How to write a net ionic equation
  5. turn words into reactions: 10) words to equations
  6. Weak acid/gas formers practice page.  weak acid:gas former practx
  7. pH (acidity) of common compounds9) Common pH-1A
  8. Oxidation numbers of common ions: 7) common oxidation values
  9. Oxidation workbook: Oxidation and Reduction Workbook revised 1A
  10. Activity series list & explanation of reactivity: Activity series
  11. activity series ws: 11) activity series ws
  12. Single replacement worksheet 1 & 2 single replacement rxn & single replacement WS
  13. Solution stoichiometry: CH 4-supplemental problems, CH 4-molarity & rxn
  14. molarity: CH 4- molarity ws
  15. other concentrations (13.4 and 4.5 mix)%,m,M problems

Chapter drills: Chapter 04 Drills