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Chapter 05

Chapter objectives: Chapter 5 objectives

Brown & Lemay Notes: CH 5 notes

Additional chapter notes : CH 5 Thermochemisty

Chapter related handouts and worksheets:

  1. How to approach Hesse’s Law Fixed: CH 5 How to do a hess’s law
  2. Thermochem WK and answer: Thermochemistry Problems
  3. Calorimetry problems: Calorimetry problems—for dry lab day
  4. Bomb Calorimetry WS with answers: bomb problems
  5. heating/cooling curves (11.4 )  phases and curve

 Chapter drills:  Chapter 05 Drills


  • Read, but do (its on the exam!!) Specific heat capacities
  • Pick two Hess’s Law problems from “How to do a Hess’s  Law” worksheet.  The problems must have three or more pathways.  Explain each step of your process to attain the pathway of interest from the given pathways. You will get zero points if you show only rearranging  the pathways to get the final equation.  The point of this exercise is to re-enforce the process.  Here is an example of how I approached this.  Hess’s Law Report Sheet.


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Or Bomb calorimetry measures measure the amount of heat produced (or absorbed) in a chemical reaction. -this method is used for measuring qv (DE) qreaction + qbomb + qwater = 0.

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