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Chapter 06

Chapter objectives:Chapter 6 objectives

Brown & Lemay Notes and slides: B&L Chapter06 copy

Additional Chapter notes: CH 6 electrons in atoms

Chapter related handouts and notes

  1. Notes of chapter 6: 06_Images_in_PPT
  2.  Common filling order for electron configurations: craig’s filling
  3. Variation of energies in fills:Variation Of Energy Levels For Atomic Orbitals Of Some Elements
  4. Periodic table information-electron configurations
  5. Lecture/lab worksheet:CH 6 light and electrons

orbital picture:

  1. orbital pictures,
  2. electronic orbitals
  3. more to read on the quantum:more on quantum
  4. Why don’t you microwave metals”Why You Generally Shouldn’t Put Metals in the Microwave
  5. A little light reading if you are interested in the theory: Exact solutions of regular approximate relativistic wave equations for hydrogen like atoms
  6. line absorbtion diagram for two elements

Three periodic tables.

  1. Periodic Table (Reyes) Electron Configurations (B&W)(1)
  2. Periodic Table (Reyes) Metals-Nonmetals
  3. Periodic Table (Reyes) Names (color code)
  4. PT in sectionsElectron Configurations ws

Work sheets that are helpful for practice.

  1. electron configuration ws I
  2. Electron Configurations ws
  3. electron cloud vol

Chapter drills: Chapter 06 Drill

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