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Chapter 07

Chapter objectives:  Chapter 7 objectives

Chapter notes-concepts for the exam CH 7 Peroidic trends

Lecture/lab: CH 7 General information Effective Nuclear Charge (Autosaved)

Periodic table: electron affinity, electronegativites, ionization energies

Brown & LeMay notes & slides: 

  1. B&L Chapter07
  2. Powerpoint slides for Chapter 7

Chapter related handouts and worksheets:

  1. Chapter 6 & 7 worksheet with answers
  2. Periodic trends ws 1: A Periodic Table Logic Problem
  3. slater rules Slater rules revised
  4. Slater Rules answer key:  Slater’s Rules ANSWERS
  5. A great combination handout: Periodic Trends

Chapter drills:  Chapter 07 Drills