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Use of Volumetric Ware

I divided this lab into sections to help you with the lab process.  You will turn in #6 or #7 (preferred), and #10 separately.  (Don’t staple them together!)

  1. Background reading:  This will help you with future labs-Background Reading: 
  2. Procedure: revised (01/15/19) Exp. 1 Procedure
  3. Calculations: revised (01/15/19) Exp. 1 Calculations
  4. Questions for the lab: revised (01/15/19) Exp. 1- Questions
  5. A Visual Guide to Common Glassware: Infographic to common glassware
  6. PDF of report sheet (in case you want to re-write your data nice and neat) revised (01/15/19) 2) Exp. 1 Report Sheet
  7. Word document: revised (01/15/19) 2) Exp. 1 Report Sheet (in case you want to type your answers-really nice and much appreciated!!)
  8. breakage chart: 3) Exp. 1 Breakage chart
  9. grade sheet-a rubric that can be applied to most labs
  10. Reading graduated cylinders. 4) grad cylinders