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Experiment 15: Heat of fusion and solutions


Exp. 15: Determination of the heat of fusion of ice and the heat of solution of two solutes.

  1. Exp. 15 Pre-lab information: Exp. 15 Pre-lab information
  2. Exp. 15 Instructions:15-Heat of fus and solution
  3. Exp. 15 : sample data/results tables: Exp. 15 Sample tables

Other documents we might do for lab, but you should read for background for the chapter

  1. Specific heat worksheet:PDF modified specific heat for s18
  2. Specific heat worksheet: word doc:modified specific heat for s18
  3. Report sheet;PDF report sheet for calorimetry
  4. Report sheet: word report sheet for calorimetry
    1. Answers the heat reaction, 66.9 not 33 : Heat capacity answers for the first parts.  heat capacity answers for the second part
  5. Fun with Heat:Fun with Heat