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How to Prepare for Lab & Formatting Labs

Type of lab book to buy.  THEY ALL COST ABOUT $20.

Type 1: also Hayden-McNeil: Pros: Standard, spiral bound, lies flat. MY FAVORITE ! IT’S THE ONE I USE, top page is perforated.

Type 2: Book factory Style: Pros: Cheap.  Cons: pages are not divided for the PROCEDURE and the DATA/OBSERVATION SECTIONS, bottom page is perforated.  Need to write hard and use a ball point pen.

Type 3: Hayden-McNeil.  Pros: Standard, spiral bound, lies flat. Cons: bottom page is perforated.  You need to write hard and use a ball point pen

You will need this cover sheet for most labs.  If there are none available in lab, you need to print one out.

Cover sheets for labs: lab report cover sheet

Power points

Formatting labs: Overview Handouts for how to format a lab

  1. General instructions 1) How to formate lab report
  2. Check list  report 6) report check list for 1A
  3. Notebook checklist:  I often check your notebooks for completeness: great lab record keeping
  4. Examples of lab notebooks can be looked at during lab.

How to answer questions; this is how I evaluate answers to questions

  1. How to answer a question: 5) How to answer questions
  2. This well-organized document goes into more depth for answering questions.  If you really want the grade and want to improve in ALL of your classes, this is a document to read, and re-read.  Thank you University of Arkansas for a great tutorial on answering questions!  Read this handout with the focus on short answer questions for exams and for lab  Answering-the-Essay-Short-Answer-Exam-Question
  3. This last handout serves as a great check list: (Adapted with permission from Dennis Congo, Certified Supplemental Instruction trainer, University of Central Florida) Answering_Essay_Questions_Made_Easier

Do you need more reading on how to format your lab reports?  The handouts below are detailed, helpful, and optional reading, however I do evaluate based on correct format.

  1. Approaching your pre-lab: How would I approach writing my first pre-lab
  2. a template for labs  1a) Common template for labs
  3. blank pre-lab 1b) blank lab no data
  4. after the lab is finished, parts are now filled in 1c) filled in lab
  5. How to format a purpose  2.1) How to write a purpose
  6. How to format a method/introduction 2.2) How to write an intro:method
  7. How to format procedures & data tables: 3) How to write a proce,data copy
  8. How to format a results/error analysis 4) How to write a summary
  9. How an artist did his book

 Maxfield Parish lab book