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Mastering Chemistry Information

Mastering is added through Canvas.

Homework is turned in on-line using Mastering Chemistry.  Unless otherwise stated in class, I do not accept paper homework.  I am providing you with a list of the homework for the problems that appear in the textbook.  For the full list, which includes tutorials, please go to Mastering Chemistry.

When you look at the mastering assignment page for each chapter, you will notice that some of the problems are for practice [worth zero points], some are for credit [worth one point], and some are extra credit [worth 1 point].    Although it might seem like a lot of problems are assigned, you are responsible only for the problems that are for credit.  These problems give you a ‘flavor’ of the types of problem-solving skills necessary to be successful in chemistry. To truly succeed in a general chemistry course, you should consider doing more than the assigned problems.

Studying for the final?

Do the practice test on Mastering.  Did that?  Look at the practice tests and exams for the semester.  Did that?  Take some of the quizzes in the study area on Mastering.  The quizzes are located in the study guide section on Mastering.  You will be required to do the quizzes for some of the chapters.  Try some of these integrated problems.  Don’t do them all!  Just one or two that strike your fancy.   4.105-4.1155 .112-5.119,6.97-6.92,  7.105-7.110, 8.101-8.112, 9.109-9.1113, 9.114, 9.116, 9.118, 10.121-10.130, 11.89, 11.90, 13.106-13.110. Ignore parts about mo theory.

Coordination Shaum’s outline 3000 solved problems with the textbook and homework: Hint: USE THE INDEX AND KEYWORDS.

  1. Chapter 4 in Brown and LeMay: This is in chapter 10 Schaum’s.  10.103 -10.172. Some of the problems just want Irons or spectator ions.  11.39 through, 11.47, 11.50, 11.80, 11.114 through 11.149, 11.156, 11.171 through 11.184.  Redox 15.1 through 15.32.
  2. Chapter 13 in Brown and LeMay:11.85, 11.86, 11.88, 11.90, 11.93, 11.99, 11.100, 11.104.
  3. Chapter 10 in Brown and LeMay:12.1 312.3, 12.9, 12.12 through 12.53, 12.55 through, 12.66, 12.69, 12.72, 12.78, 12.79,12.87 through 12.92, 12.96, 12.97, 12.102, 12.110Through 12.518, 12.125, 12.126, 12.127*, 12.132, 12.137 through 12.146, 12.158.  Just because it’s good for you: 13.34, 13.41, 13.54, 13.62.
  4. Chapter 5 In Brown & LeMay:  18.1 through 18.14, 18.17 through 18.57 – do as many as you think you need to do for proficiency.  Some of the problems are more challenging than what we covered in class like 18.52, but most are like problems from the book. I would particularly focus on problems like or similar to 18.44, 18.45, 18.50, and 18.53-57. 18.67, 18.683 218.129 focus on enthalpy changes such as standard enthalpies of formation and Hesses law. In particular 18.140, 18.11 3, 18.112, and 18.105 are Hesse’s law problem