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Collaboration & Connection

Collaboration & Connection

Here are some opportunities for faculty and staff to build connections and collaborations into your curricula and/or service area:

[Please email Felipe Wilson at if you are doing something connectable and would like to invite faculty and staff to collaborate with you!]

Sustainability & Social Justice – a College-Wide Integrative Learning Assignment

EVERYONE in the Laney College community is invited to collaborate on a year-long ‘rolling seminar’/’integrative learning assignment’ focused on understanding, defining and applying sustainability and social-justice principles and values.

All who decide to take part will develop a year-long combination of activities from all discipline and work areas, focused on defining and promoting sustainability in the fullest sense, i.e. interrelated with respect for human ecology, a.k.a. SOCIAL JUSTICE.

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Visit the S&SJ webpages HERE!

Our wonderful Chemistry professor, Pinar reminded us to send out the link to a great program called: Kognito, which focuses on supporting our Vets, LGBTQIA and at risk students.  It is done in cartoon/avatar style.   The State Chancellor’s office spent millions giving us access to this program for free!  Here is the link:

Each module is about 40 minutes.


An open, genuine rolling conversation among instructors who want us all to teach each other what we know, and learn from each other how best to reach students and help them succeed.

Please email Felipe Wilson ( if you are interested in facilitating (or co-facilitating) a teaching-related workshop/forum.  Also, feel free to email Felipe if there are teaching-related topics you think would be good to discuss in a workshop/forum.

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