How to Apply for PD Funds

How to Apply for PD Funds

***Please read and consider all of the information below before requesting funding.

***Professional development monies could be used for conferences, courses related to your professional development, professional association memberships, etc.

As of Fall 2022, based on current budget projections, full and part-time faculty, can apply up to $1000 per year.  You may submit multiple requests in the same academic year, as long as the total for the requests does not exceed $1000.  These maximum amounts are subject to change in the future.  The committee would strongly recommend applicants ask their department chairs/deans about other sources of money that could be used to finance requests.

Here are the steps to apply for Professional Development funding for conferences, classes, workshops and other appropriate uses:

1.Complete the Funding Request Form and required attachments.

2.Complete the Vendor Application Form  If you are already an approved vendor, meaning you have previously submitted this form, then you do not have to submit it again.  Otherwise, you DO need to submit this as well.

3.Submit EMAILED COPIES of the these forms, along with all required documentation (see the Funding Request form for explanation), to PD Committee Co-Chair Felipe Wilson (

4. As of fall 2022, there is a new process for finalizing your funding request and for reimbursement.  We are currently working on tutorials for this process, but once you have secured an approval from the PD committee, there will be an additional required step.  For the time being, please contact Inger Stark (our district staff development coordinator) at for more information and for help on this process.  


Deadlines/Lead-Time for Applications for Professional Development Funds

Funding requests should be submitted well PRIOR to published start dates of any events, with a lead-time of one month for non-out-of-state travel/expenses and longer (two months) if the request involves out-of-state travel, or if you are seeking advance payment or payment by the College directly to another institution or conference.

This lead-time enables the Committee to consider requests for approval during our twice-a-month meetings, and in time to advance these requests through other levels of approval. Out-of-state travel funding requires Board approval prior to the travel date, and their approvals only happen at Board of Governors meetings.



  1. Awards for full-time and part-time faculty are limited to a maximum of $1000 per person in any academic year. All faculty are eligible.  Classified professionals are encouraged to contact your Classified Senate President for information regarding possible funding.
  2. Funds are allocated to defray in part costs associated with tuition, conference fees, travel, local mileage or public transportation, meals and lodging incurred by Laney College personnel.
  3. Funds are divided among fall and spring semesters.  If funding is still available, requests for summer activities will be considered at the last two spring semester meetings.
  4. Multiple applications to the same conference will be considered as a group and whenever possible should be submitted together.
  5. With limited resources, in our approval process we consider the following factors:
    • the amount of money in the PD budget;
    • whether the person requesting funding has been funded before — and if so, how often and how recently;
    • whether the requester has been funded for the same, or similar, events in the recent past;
    • whether similar events or opportunities exist ‘closer to home’ or at less expense;
    • the nature of the event being related to the PD Committee’s goals and/or the PD priorities expressed in the department’s or program’s annual review;
    • the nature of the event being ‘distributive’ to students and/or colleagues vs. ‘personally rewarding’;
    • the number of department or program colleagues requesting funding for the same event — and whether there is a specific purpose for attending an event as a group.

Funds will not be allocated for:

  • Faculty on leave without pay
  • Part-time faculty who are not currently teaching at Laney for the semester
  • Travel or lodging expenses for invited guests