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Info for Potential Facilitators

Info for Potential Facilitators

You don’t need to know everything (or even a whole lot) to facilitate a workshop.  It just takes your interest in a topic, some basic information to share, and “people skills.”  You can even co-facilitate a workshop with another student if that feels more comfortable.  Ask other students, or ask Rebecca to help connect you with other students that might co-facilitate.  As facilitator, you are guiding the discussion, and are not necessarily the most knowledgeable person on the topic at the workshop.

Create an Agenda: Workshops generally last 1-1.5 hours, plan to introduce the topic and relevant terminology, and have group activities/discussion to fill that time

Ice Breaking: Include an ice-breaker.  For example, start the workshop by you and the participants introducing yourself by name, perhaps including which class you are from or why you are interested in the topic. Brainstorming activities are great ice-breakers.  Bring in (or ask Rebecca for) big sheets of butcher paper and different colored markers.  Have participants write down their ideas for what respectful care would look like for your particular topic.  Or, brainstorm what the barriers to receiving respectful care might be.  Anything that gets people talking would be great.

Check out some additional advice from previous facilitators in the What did you think?section (see comments).