Laney College

Benefits and Eligibility

Benefits and Eligibility

  • STEM Major (Science Technology, Engineering, Computer Science and Math) 
  • Full-time Laney college student or carry at least six units including STEM Core classes  
  • Eligible for Math 50 (Trigonometry) and/or Math 1 (Precalculus) in Fall 2023 
  • Actively Participate in STEM Core program events  


  • Complete Precalculus, Trigonometry, and Calculus classes in one year 
  • Embedded tutoring and study group (Math) 
  • One-on-one tutoring (Math) 
  • Access to an exclusive paid summer internship (6-7k/10 weeks) 
  • Priority registration in Math, CIS, and Engineering classes 
  • Help with resume and scholarship application  
  • Participate in STEM Core workshops to gain hands-on experience 
  • Academic and social support 
Math Bridge to Calculus
  • STEM Core cohorts around the state pass classes at 20-30% higher

  • Embedded tutoring and math supplemental instruction

  • Calculus ready in one year

Internships and Field Trips

  • Access to paid summer tech internship at Lockheed Martin, NASA Ames, Stanford Linear Accelerator, and other employers (many internships are exclusive to STEM Core participants)

  • Visit National Labs, local Engineering and Computer Science employers (Tesla, SAP, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, ALS, NERSC)

  • Job shadowing opportunities at NASA Ames and National Labs