Student FAQs

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Student FAQs

To connect with a specialist check out our remote student services, found in the Virtual Campus.

Laney College

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Laney College is dedicated to providing students with remote student and support services. A team of classified professionals, faculty and administrators assisted in creating the frequently asked questions below just for you. It will be updated as new information is gathered. Thank you for your patience during this time.



Will spring 2021 classes be online? When does the spring 2021 semester start?

Yes. Classes resume on January 25th, 2021.


How do I schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor?

Counselors are available to meet with students by phone or through an online meeting platform called Zoom. If you would like to meet with a counselor by phone, call 510-464-3152. To schedule an Online ZOOM Appointment using our online scheduling tool click here. Visit the counseling department website at for directions and additional information.

How do I schedule an appointment to see a DSPS Counselor or access disability-related services?

Counselors are available to meet with students by phone or through an online meeting platform called Zoom. If you would like to meet with a counselor by phone, call 510-464-3328. To schedule an online appointment, visit the DSPS department website at for directions and additional information.

How do I get my class accommodations if I’m a DSPS Student?

Email your instructor a copy of your accommodations. If you receive testing accommodations, note in your email the amount of authorized time you need for testing

How does COVID-19 affect my financial aid and how do I speak with a Financial Aid Specialist?

In light of class cancellations and move to remote instruction due to COVID-19, the Department of Education is providing flexibility for schools to help students complete the current term and to not negatively impact their financial aid requirements. For more information please visit to contact your financial aid advisor.

Online Tutoring: Where do I go for virtual tutoring assistance?

Virtual tutoring will be available when classes resume April 6.  Visit our website to learn more at

Students also have access to online tutoring through Net Tutor.  To use the service, view this video to learn how.

What if I need help from the Writing Center?

The Laney College James Oliver Writing Center remains available to provide writing support and assistance during this time when students cannot come to campus. Hours remain Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm and Friday 9am-3pm. Staff is ready to serve you and can be reached at 510-464-3426 or 510-464-3163.

What if I need Math Lab assistance or math tutoring?

The Laney College Math Lab remains available to provide math support and assistance during this time when students cannot come to campus. You can sign-up for online math tutoring through the Math Lab Website or you can call the center at 510-464-3448.

Where do I find library services online?

What if I have other questions regarding student support services? Who do I contact?

If you have any additional questions regarding student support services, please email your inquiries to


Will food distributions take place during the campus closure? I am hungry – where can I get food?

Yes, we are currently distributing fresh grab & go meals on Mondays and Wednesdays. These meals are sponsored by the Eat.Learn. Play Foundation & World Central Kitchen, and are available on the above days, from 12-2pm or while supplies last.

In addition, food can be secured at the Alameda County Food Bank.  And further information can be found here: Their Emergency Food Helpline number can help you get food the same day: 1-510-635-3663.

Other options include:

How do I access wellness services that were available in the Wellness Clinics?

The Roots Community Health Center, who operates our Laney on-site clinic, will continue to provide all essential clinical services provided by the Nurse Practitioner during this time. Please visit their website at for site location.

How do I access mental health counseling?

Please visit webpage in order to schedule an appointment with a mental health counselor. In addition, The Roots Community Health Center provides mental health counseling at this time while our campus mental health counselors develop a system to serve students remotely. Visit for site information. Access to mental health counseling will be updated as soon as possible.

How do I contact the Cashier’s Office?

The Cashier’s Office can be contacted from 8am-4pm Monday/Thursday/Friday, and 8am-6pm Tuesday and Wednesday at 510-464-3131 or 510-464-3129.

How do I pay fees?

Fees can still be paid online through the passport system: Peralta Passport 

How do I apply for refunds/fee waivers?

Please go to the Cashier’s Office website to secure the correct forms: Bursar Services

I am a student-worker, will I be paid? How do I complete my timesheet now that the College is closed?

Instructions for completing timesheets have been sent to supervisors, or your supervisor can contact the business office for support. Work should be coordinated and completed at the direction of your supervisor.

I need to pick up my paycheck. Where can I pick it up?

Please check with your supervisor regarding upcoming paycheck distribution.

How can I learn about how my instructor is going to provide my class?   

You should receive an email from each of your instructors sharing what you need to do when classes resume on April 6th. They will provide you with the platform they will use for your lectures, labs, discussions, tests, and homework submissions. Make sure you check your Peralta email daily. To forward your Peralta email to your Gmail or yahoo click here for email forwarding instructions.

 My instructor told me there are going to use Canvas or Zoom for my classes.  How do I learn more?

We’ve created a number of resources to introduce you to online learning and tools like Canvas and Zoom.  Please go to the Canvas web page to learn more information at  We will also be offering online workshops over the next two weeks.  Please look out for more information.

I don’t have access to a computer or reliable internet. Are there resources available?

How do I contact the Laney College Bookstore?

The Laney Bookstore Manager is D’Mario Webb and he can be reached at  and by phone at 510-464-3349. Email and phone voice messages will be checked daily.

How can I purchase materials?

You can shop online at

Has college events and athletic games been cancelled for fall 2020?

All campus events such as performing arts shows, celebratory events and any other non-essential gatherings have been canceled or postponed until further notice.  Facility rentals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Business Office. The California Community College Athletic Association has moved all fall sports to the spring 2021 semester.