Laney College

Student Success and Equity Committee

Student Success and Equity Committee


The Student Success and Equity Committee (SSE) will advance the visions and goals of the Laney College 2018-23 Strategic Plan and the State Chancellor’s Vision for Success. The purpose of the SSE Committee is to provide a platform for communication and collaboration across the College that will result in the coordinated efforts towards the Strategic Plan and the Vision for Success with an equity lens.


  • Facilitate the alignment of college initiatives that promote student success and reduce equity gaps for disproportionately impacted communities with the State  Chancellor’s Vision for Success goals.


  • Provide a venue for dialogue so as to fully inform and integrate onboarding and retention efforts towards student success.


  • Support institutional collaboration and alignment of the Laney College Guided Pathway and Student Equity Plans.


  • In partnership with the Budget Advisory Committee, review initiatives, and programs funded through the Student Equity and Achievement Program.

Meeting Times

1st Thursday of each Month, 1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.*

Meetings will take place via Zoom due to COVID-19, until further notice.

*Note-There are no meetings held in the months of January, July, and August.