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Project Proposal Guide

Project Proposal Guide

  1. Fill out the form completely
  2. Submit it to the Office of Student Activities and Campus Life. They will make a copy, give the club representative one, and send one on to ASLC to be put on the agenda.
  3. A club representative must be present at the ASLC meeting when the proposal heard. ASLC Meetings are held every Thursday from 12-1pm in SC401-A.

Project Proposal Details:

  • Submit the proposal to the Office of Student Activities and Campus Life the Friday before your proposal is due so it can be included on the upcoming agenda.
    • Agendas are posted every Monday by 12 noon to the box outside the student center, and on the 4th floor whiteboard.
  • Projects must show a benefit to the student body.
  • Invoices (or other expense estimates) must be submitted as part of the proposal
  • Minutes from the club meeting that show approval of the proposal must be included
  • If applicable, include the facilities request form
  • All Proposals and Facilities Requests require the signature of the Club Advisor

Proposals are due 30 – 60 days in advance of the event, proposals are accepted up to a semester in advance. Propose projects early and often!

Speakers and Travel:

  • Every individual or company who will be compensated must be an approved vendor
    • Every speaker or company must fill out a vendor application form and a W9.
    • This paperwork must be submitted to the Office of Student Life as well as the district office. It will take 2-3 weeks to complete.
    • Students only need to fill out the name/address portion, check student, and sign.
  • Laney has a list of approved vendors you can find [here]
  • The applicable vendor number(s) must be included in the proposal packet

Work with the Office of Student Activities and Campus Life directly if you need to set up a new vendor. They will be able to guide the process.

Here is a short list of projects that could be (and have been) proposed to the ASLC for funding. If you have an idea for something that you’d like to see on campus, don’t hesitate to create a proposal for it!

  • Screen a Film (ex: Black History Month weekly showings)
    • Food
    • Equipment
  • Community Art Project ( ex: sidewalk chalk event)
    • Supplies
  • Building Community (ex: Queer Brunch)
    • Food
    • Educational Activities
  • Go to a conference (ex: Math Competition)
    • Per-Diems*
    • Transportation*
    • Supplies
  • Host an Event (ex: Speaker Series)
    • Supplies
    • Food
    • Equipment
    • Honorarium*
  • Fix up campus ( ex: Student lead project to repair outlets in the student center)
    • Supplies
    • Food
    • Equipment
    • Compensation*

* work with the Office of Student Activities and Campus Life on financial details.