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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When is graduation?
A.  Graduation will be held on Friday, May 24 at 10:00 am.

Q. Where do I purchase my  cap, gown  and  tassel?
A. The Bookstore is currently located at E-205. You can purchase graduation related items at the book store (e.g., graduation invitation, cords, etc.).

Q. How much is as cap, gown and tassel?
A. $45

Q. What date and time is rehearsal for graduation?
A.The rehearsal date and time is Wednesday, May 22, from 11:00 am at the Laney College Football Stadium.

Q. If I miss rehearsal, will someone send a brief summary of what will be happening?
A. If you miss rehearsal, please stop by the Office of Student Activities and Campus Life in the Student Center (Relocated at E-260).

Q. What would be the proper attire to wear under our cap and gown? (shirt, leg wear, type of shoes, etc.)
A. Since it tends to be warm weather during the month of May, we recommend students  to wear comfortable clothing under their gowns. For women, the proper attire under your cap and gown will be comfortable clothing  and flat dress shoes. For men, the proper attire under your cap and gown will be comfortable clothing and dress shoes.  All personal belongings should be left with your guest.   Water will be available for students at your seat.

Q. Will I be limited to the amount of tickets and/or  guests I can bring to graduation?
A. You will not need tickets for graduation, however early arrival is suggested.

Q. Where should graduates and family park?
A. Free parking is available at the student parking lot (Parking Lot A). In addition, there will be a shuttle to transport people to and from the stadium
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Q. Will I receive my diploma or certificate the day of graduation or a later date?
A. Graduating students should check with  the Admissions and Records Office (A-109) in mid-August to receive their diploma.

Q. What items can be brought to the graduation?
A. Signs, banners, and large items such as water coolers, picnic baskets, etc. will not be allowed at the graduation. Please only bring small personal items (i.e., bags, purses, wallets). Water bottles will be available at the graduation to you and your guest.