Laney College

Laney Care Team

Laney Care Team

The Laney Care Team strives to promote individual success and well-being while prioritizing safety on campus

If you have a concern about someone within the campus community please reach out to your CARE Team.

Laney CARE Team educates staff on resources on-campus, provides training to campus about behavioral concerns and outside community resources.

CARE TEAM Members:


Vice President of Student Services-Vacant

Director of Student Activities and Campus Life-Gary Albury

Health Services Coordinator-Indra Thadani

Mental Health Counselor-Vacant

Gateway to College-Director William Ramos Ochoa

Executive Assistant-Maisha Jameson

Transfer Center Assistant-Laura Ramos

Veterans Services Coordinator-Jean Carey

Peralta Police Services-Lt. Gerald Verbeck


Available Resources:

To view the Laney College Guide for Supporting Emotionally Distressed Students click HERE.

To view the Laney College Resource Guide click HERE