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Welcome! I have been teaching mathematics here at Laney College since 2005, and before that I taught for six years at De Anza College. Although I enjoyed my job at De Anza and I had tenure there, I moved to Laney because Laney has always felt like home to me. You see my mother, Ernestine Camp, taught mathematics at Laney for over thirty years and she was actually pregnant with me while teaching here! So I feel like I grew up here. When a job opened up here, I jumped on it and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to teach at Laney. I have had tenure here since 2009 and I plan to stick around for the rest of my teaching career! The photo above is a picture of me with my son. We’ll see if he continues the family legacy and becomes a math instructor at Laney College. Currently he claims to dislike math, but you never know, right?

If you are currently enrolled in one of my classes, go to your Canvas account for all of your class information. This website will have no information on it for my current classes.

Support on Campus

Our Math Lab offers tutoring both in person (in room G201) and online. For hours, go to the website:


If you have a learning difference or think you might have a learning difference, you can get assessed and helped at SAS (Student Accessibility Services):