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Tutoring Resource Center

Tutoring Resource Center

Welcome to the Tutoring Resource Center


 The TRC is administered by Denise Richardson, Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Math and Sciences 

Mission Statement 

Located in EV-1, the Tutoring Resource Center is a multidisciplinary tutoring/study space. One-on-one and small group tutoring is provided on a drop-in basis at tables in study areas organized by subject area. A schedule is published and distributed each semester listing subjects currently being offered.


Here is the schedule for Fall 2018 (always updated)

Spring 2019:

Due to a hiring freeze, the TRC space itself is closed, and our tutors are doing their work directly with instructors in their offices and classrooms. Bio tutoring is in B202. For requests for help with Chemistry, or for any other questions or requests please contact the tutor coordinator, Ian Latta (ilatta@peralta.edu).

Our other tutoring centers may also be able to help:

ESOL/ENGLISH Tutoring is available at the Writing Center B260 M-Th 9AM-8PM & F 9AM- 3PM

MATH Tutoring is available at the Math Lab G-201 M-Th 10AM-7PM

BIOLOGY: M-Th 12-1pm in B202

Support for students taking online classes and with Canvas:

For the remainder of Spring ’19, we are providing in-person support for students in the platforms and technologies they use in their online, hybrid, and in-person classes. This pilot will help us to develop an online tutoring program utilizing our own peer tutors.

The current schedule is M/W 9am-5pm.

Here is a link to a flier with the (always updated) schedule

The tutor’s duties are described here:

  1. Help students with the technical side of their online, hybrid, Canvas, or otherwise computer-based coursework. Try to stick to helping students to learn the online tools like Canvas or google apps, rather than helping students with the actual content of the course.
  2. If other questions arise, including how to use computers or other technical, IT-type help, feel free to help the student or point the student to other resources they can use to get help, such as the Peralta IT help desk. Don’t feel like you have to be able to answer every question. Your area of expertise is how to succeed in an online class.
  3. If opportunity and need arises, we may try to offer streaming tutoring over the internet. In that case, we might ask you to try interacting with students using a mic, camera, or text chat (during your scheduled tutoring hours).
  4. We may ask you to help deliver chromebooks or laptops to classes that are housing them in the TRC.
  5. Participate in community of practice by making a list of all the questions students ask you and contributing to repository of resources and best practices for future tutors.