Laney College



What are the procedures for receiving my veteran benefits?
Contact your local Department of Veteran Affairs Office to determine your eligibility. They are located at 1301 Clay Street in Oakland. They can be reached by calling 1-800-827-1000.

Assessment & Orientation: All veterans applying for benefits must participate in the matriculation process. This service provides assessment of your language and mathematical skills. This will assist your in selecting the appropriate courses to your current skill level and to use in consultation with your counselor.  Their office is located in the A building, Room 102.  Visit the Assessment Center web site.

Counseling Department: All veterans are required to see a counselor to develop a Student Educational Plan prior to or during the first semester of attendance. If you do no seek counseling services prior to your first semester, your can only enroll in General Education courses such as Mathematics, English, History, etc. for payment until your Student Educational Plan has been developed.

Stop by the Veteran Affairs Office to pick up your Application for Educational Benefits and the Enrollment Request/Class Verification Form. Return these two forms along with a copy of your DD214 (if applicable) after the first week of classes.

Transcripts from other institutions must be on file before the end of the first semester of attendance. These transcripts will be submitted to the District Admissions & Records Office for evaluation of prior credit. All units applicable will be counted toward your declared major at Laney College.

What is a Student Educational Plan?
A Student Educational Plan is a listing of courses approved for your declared major, developed by appointment with a counselor. The courses listed on your Student Education Plan are approved for payment by the Veterans Administration.

What is concurrent enrollment?
Concurrent enrollment is when you decide to enroll at two colleges for one semester. You must choose one college as your primary college for veteran benefits. This college will process all your paperwork for certification of benefits indicating to the second institution the courses you will be taking there are applicable for payment.

Does your college offer advanced pay?
Laney College does not offer advanced pay for VA benefits.

When do I receive my first check after certification?
Payment by the Veteran’s Administration will approximately take 6 to 8 weeks for new students. 4-5 weeks for continuing students. The waiting period for concurrent enrollment veterans is 6-8 weeks for the secondary institutions certification.

Can I also apply for financial aid?      
Veteran dependents are eligible to apply for a California Fee Waiver through your local county VA office or a BOGG Fee Waiver from the Financial Aid Office. Veterans cannot apply for the Calif. Fee Waiver, but they can apply for the BOGG Fee Waiver. I encourage Veterans & Dependents to visit our Financial Aid Office to find out more about what you can qualify for.