Digital Fabrication Technology

NEW Digital Fabrication Certificate

“Digital Fabrication in Wood Technology” is a Certificate Program that is a partnership between Wood Technology and the FabLab. Check back for more information on the details and requirements for this certificate or contact us with any questions. In the meantime, watch this video for a tour of the FabLab and all the equipment it has to offer!

Digital Fabrication Technology is the modern way to make almost anything. Small and mid size manufacturing shops are relying on talented people who can design, make, test, and iterate new ideas and products ranging from furniture, to 3D printed medical parts, to industrial art, and consumer products. A Digital Fabrication Technician uses software and the most advanced and modern manufacturing techniques to make things quickly and precisely using both consumer grade and the most state of the art manufacturing equipment.

Laney College’s Wood Technology focused Digital Fabrication Technology Program prepares graduates for modern Digital Fabrication and Advanced Manufacturing careers in furniture, cabinet, industrial art, custom installation and parts manufacturing shops. These multi-disciplinary courses emphasize and expand on the fundamentals of computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM) techniques. Students will learn intermediate and advanced skills skills in iterative, design oriented thinking by employing rapid prototyping philosophy framed within a creative problem solving mindset. Graduates will leave with the ability to: conceptualize a project, 3D model it in its entirety, create the project using computer numerically controlled (CNC) and advanced manufacturing equipment, rapidly analyze and improve a project through iteration, and finish a project using modern and hand techniques.