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Program Sponsors

Program Sponsors

The Wood Technology program does not exist in a vacuum; rather it functions in a web of relationships with our local industry and community. Some of the most vital of these relationships are the sponsorship of local shops and suppliers. Members of the industry donate time, coming to the classroom, or hosting field trips to educate students in current trends and techniques. Donations of material are used in classroom projects and support our program of community service work. In return, Laney College provides the industry with skilled, knowledgeable woodworkers to sustain our thriving community. We wish to thank those sponsors with a few brief notes on their work.


Clausen House Kitchen remodel



Children's furniture, Clinica de la Raza


Higgins Lumber Company, Livermore, California
Major national supplier of hardwood and panel products. Lectures, demonstrations and field trips. Provided materials for the Clausen Kitchen remodel (spring 04) and Childrens?Furniture for la Clinica del la Raza in Oakland (fall 05)


Finishing tabletop



Gluing tabletop


Earth Source Forest Products, Oakland, California
Supplier and advocate of sustainable forest products. Provides ongoing education on the state of green building in the woodworking industry. Hosts field trip to educate students on the skills of ordering and purchasing of hardwood. Donated sustainable Cherry for construction of Clausen House Dining Tables (Spring 05)