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Programa de Carpenteria Fina (English)

Programa de Carpenteria Fina (English)

Programa de Carpintería Fina (English)

(lea en Español)

Continuing in the tradition of serving the community, the Wood Technology program at Laney College is pleased to announce: Programa de Carpinteria Fina.


Photo by David Bacon


There are many opportunities for employment in the local woodworking industry. As many older journeymen retire, they are often replaced by Hispanic woodworkers. These new employees come from a tradition of fine woodworking. They often need an introduction to the specialized English terminology of the woodworking trade, technological innovations in the industry and skills in fractional English inch-foot measurement.

In this two semester course, Students will work to improve their woodworking skills as they learn the english measurement system (vs the metric system), shop math, drawing reading, project planning and team woodworking skills.

The second semester will build upon the skills of the first and will include more advanced cabinet and furniture making skills, an introduction to Computer Aided Design and Computer Numerically Controlled machining. Advanced students will likely lead the novice students through a community service project.

There is a logical process of making things in wood which the students will learn. First there is a drawing, by which the maker determines the form and structure of the cabinet or piece of furniture. From there, the step by step procedure is worked out as is a bill of materials. Once these are complete, the making itself varies with the material. Initially, students will work in solid wood, learning what flat and square are and how to develop such surfaces in solid wood with hand tools and machinery, safely. Then students will work with manufactured boards, ie. plywood. The intent of the practical part of the course is to give the students the complete basic range of woodworking skills necessary for rapid and successful advancement in the trade.

Students qualified to enroll in the course will be assisted in registering. Financial Aid is available. Please attend the first night of the class, Thursday, January 17, 2008, 6:00 PM Building G, Room 150.

Laney College
Programa de Carpenteria Fina
900 Fallon Street
Oakland CA 94607
Room G-150
One block from Lake Merritt BART


Tuesday and Thursday Nights, 6:00 – 10:00 PM
Wednesday Night 6:00 – 9:00 PM
John P. McCormack – Wood Technology Instructor
Sonja Franeta – ESL & Shop Math Instructor
Rosendo Del Toro – Cabinet Maker and Assistant Instructor, Bilingual.


Photo by David Bacon


Course Schedule – First Semester:

Tuesday and Thursday Nights, 6:00- 10:00 PM Building G, Room 150.
Course Code: WDTEC 271
Practical instruction in Cabinet and Furniture Making for the trades.
John P. McCormack – Wood Technology Instructor
Rosendo Del Toro – Assistant Instructor

Wednesday Night 6:00-9:00 PM Building A, Room 233.
Course Code: ESL 264
Instruction in English as a Second Language, Workplace English, Wood Technology Vocabulary, English vs Metric Measurement & Shop Math.
Sonja Franeta – ESL & Shop Math Instructor
Rosendo Del Toro – Assistant Instructor, will provide continuity between the two aspects of the course.

For more information, contact:

Rosendo del Toro, Instructor

John McCormack, Instructor

Ron Mackrodt
Wood Technology Department Head, Laney College
510-464-3446 x4


Photo by David Bacon