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Vocational Courses

Vocational Courses

Career Opportunities in Professional Woodworking

Photo by David HanksStart a new career, or upgrade your existing skills at Laney College!

We live in a time and place which supports a robust and diverse woodworking community. Our sense of local history, the Victorian and Craftsman homes in our neighborhoods, the civic and corporate architecture of our city centers, have created a sensibility and a demand for the craft of woodworking.

Cabinet and furniture makers, finish carpenters, CAD/CAM technicians, project managers, all find employment in a variety of well-paid, stable positions. High end commericial and residential projects require skilled professionals, working in the local economy, to bring to life the designs and concepts which make the bay area a focal point of fine craftsmanship in the woodworking trades.

Historically, the Wood Technology department has been an integral part of our community of professional woodworkers. Local shops are staffed with graduates of the program; indeed, many are managed and owned by former Laney students. Employers look to the Wood Tech program as a source of well-trained entry level craftspersons. Working professionals come to Laney to upgrade their skills and learn about the most recent developments in tradecraft.

Our shop, located in room G-150, directly opposite the Lake Merritt BART station, serves an industry which extends well beyond the 510 area code. Our state-of-the-art facility offers equipment and instruction available nowhere else in northern California. Our instructors are working professionals who understand the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s rapidly changing industry.

We maintain an active and up to date network of employers and job opportunites. We also assist those students wishing to become self employed by introducing them to successful, like-minded professionals.

Vocational Course Offerings

1-year Certificate of Completion (Entry-Level)

  • Wood Technology 010 (Lecture and Lab)
  • Wood Technology 020 (lecture and Lab)
  • Wood Technology 011 (Furniture and Cabinet Layout)

2-year Certificate of Completion (Advanced) Two programs available

  • CAD/CAM Techniques in the Woodworking Industry
  • Studio Furniture Design and Construction


Photo by David Hanks