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Emily Quach

Biology Department

Emily Quach

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About instructor 

As an undergraduate, I explored different types of courses within Peralta and found my favorite classes in the Department of Biology at Laney College. After obtaining my A.S. in Biology and a Certificate in Biomanufacturing, I continued my education by obtaining a B.S in Biotechnology at UC Davis and a M.S. at CSU East Bay. At East Bay, I focused on Toxoplasma gondii’s ability to stage convert after disruption of a metabolic enzyme. Understanding the role of stage conversion determines the severity of the parasite. After graduation, I joined the Biology Department as part of the Faculty Diversity Internship Program (FDIP). Most recently, I joined Laney College as a biology instructor. I am happy to be part of the Biology Collective. In addition to my role as a biology educator, I find pleasure in indulging in good food, taking leisurely walks, and cherishing moments with both family and friends.

Teaching philosophy

I hope to instill adaptability in my students in a small classroom where I can watch them thrive as they achieve their own personal milestones. I look forward to meeting you in class!

Courses taught: 

Biol 03: Microbiology

Biol 10: Introduction to Biology with Laboratory

Biol 11: Principles of Biology

Biol 72: Biotech Instrumentation

Biol 77: Business and Regulatory Practices in Biomanufacturing

Biol 78: Applied Biomanufacturing Techniques with Laboratory

Contact information:


Office: Laney B-251