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A synopsis about myself

A synopsis about myself


I am a retired biotechnology research scientist. After 24 year in the biotech-pharmaceutical industry, I took early retirement and joined Laney College in 2003. My education is a reflection of my career aspirations as a young man, very broad, a primary requirement in biotechnology industry: U. of Pittsburgh – (Mathematics and Chemistry), UC Berkely (Bacteriology and Immunology), – San Jose State U. (Medical Microbiology), and U. of Washington – (Pathobiology). I spent almost three years in Zambia and Botswana (Southern Africa) teaching at the local university teaching hospitals.                                                                                                         water-lilies

After retirement, I made a conscientious decision to teach basic biology at a community college so that I might  introduce young students  to the fascinating, wonderful and exhilarating  world of biology.

Therefore, rather then I standing in front of you regurgitating  facts, I prefer to have a discussion with you of the facts in your textbook. You will be given the opportunity to participate in these discussions, allowing you to grow and synthesis your own view of this wonderful world of biology. In order for you to do this, we shall continually discuss how you can effectively manage your time and energy so that you can become a successful college student.

I absolutely believe that I could not do this whilst doing research.

“You cannot conceive the many without the one.” – Plato

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