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Why Laney College?


We’re excited you’ve taken an interest in Laney College. We’re eager to provide you with more information on our great array of programs and the exciting events happening on campus. We offer many degree and certificate programs in general education, transfer, and career education. We will work with you to identify your long-term career goals and create a student education plan while offering career counseling to get you there.

Laney is Affordable

Spring is Free at Laney 2024

Spring 2024 is Free for California residents with the completion of a financial aid application (FAFSA) or the CA Dream Act application who enroll in six or more units

Private institutions and even bigger state schools are more expensive which means you have to work harder to afford the tuition or need to take out larger student loans.

Opportunities for Transfer

We offer services and programs for a successful transfer experience. Our goal is to help you continue your education towards a four-year bachelor’s degree as well as to increase student awareness of transfer opportunities so that more students are encouraged, motivated and prepared to transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Start Your Career

If you’re interested in other career paths, then check out our Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. Laney offers the strongest CTE programs in the East Bay and we are a leader in connecting students with 21st century career development for high demand skills. Whether you want to start a brand-new career or boost your job skills take a look at a list of the degrees and certificates offered at Laney.

Convenient Location

  • Access to Cultural and Recreational Activities: Downtown areas often host cultural events, museums, theaters, and recreational activities. As a student, you can take advantage of these opportunities to enrich your cultural experiences and relax during your leisure time.
  • Public Transportation: Laney College is a few steps away from the Lake Merritt BART Station, making it easier for students to commute to school and explore the city without needing a car. This can be cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Job and Internship Opportunities: There is a higher concentration of businesses, government offices, and nonprofit organizations. This can lead to a greater number of job and internship opportunities for students looking to gain work experience.
  • Library and Study Spaces: There are several public libraries and study spaces, providing students with quiet places to study, access resources, and work on assignments outside of campus.
  • Dining Options: Located close to Downtown, Uptown & Chinatown there is a diverse range of dining options, from affordable eateries to upscale restaurants. Students can explore different cuisines and enjoy a variety of food choices.
  • Vibrant Atmosphere: Located across the street from the Oakland Museum of CA, which has food trucks and music every Friday as well as being just steps from Lake Merritt, Laney College tends to be a lively and dynamic atmosphere, with a mix of people and activities.

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