Areas of Interest

Do you know where you're headed?

Areas of Interest

Laney College faculty & staff members came together to categorize the programs offered, and created the Maps For Success tool, which provides a visual representation of the Laney College catalog, starting with each area of interest. Find your interest below and click here to learn about the classes and programs available at Laney College, requirements to graduate and or transfer, as well as salary data and the different jobs available in your field.

How to use the Mapper

  • Click Here and you will be taken to Laney College’s Maps For Success webpage. Next, select a specific Area of Interest.
  • After selecting your area of interest, you’ll see the Certificates and Degrees Map, which lists the degrees and certificates available at Laney College.
  • Below this area, you’ll find the Career Explorer, which displays potential careers and jobs with descriptions, job growth predictions, and average expected salary range!
  • Once you have selected the degree or certificate of your choice, you will find a description, and a term-by-term map to effectively and efficiently choose the correct courses toward completion.

Need additional support? 

  • Connect with a counselor by visiting This Page.
  • To learn more about our classes and programs, check out our catalog Here.

science and math

Are you naturally curious? A problem solver? Do you want a rewarding career addressing social, environmental, and civic challenges in a technologically driven world?  Come study science, engineering, and math at Laney College. Let’s build the future together! #BuildYourFuture Read More…

Computer Info

Do you love to use Information Technology in innovative and practical ways to solve society’s problems? If you want to develop both digital and team-building skills with relevant, cutting edge hands-on training, CIT can help you grow your passion for computer technology as you program your future. #iLoveTech Read More…

visual and performing arts

Do you love to tell stories, perform, or create? Let your talent and passion shine. Here in the heart of artistic Oakland, you can make your mark. Connect with industry, develop your talent, and meet others who share your passions. Imagine, visualize, compose, and jam. #ImagineAndCreate Read More…

Building and Skilled Trades

Have you been saying “I can do it myself” since you were two years old?  Did you wake up with a hammer in your hand? Do you love to DIY? Then Building and Skilled Trades need you. Be part of a career that helps create a better community. #LaneyDIYers Read More…

Human services

Do you want to help people and make the world a better place? Do the ideas of collaboration, working to empower others, and serving your community excite you? Gain confidence and develop effective interpersonal skills while changing lives. #BeTheLight Read More…

Business Entrepreneurship

Do you enjoy solving problems? Are you a self-starter who knows the value of teamwork? Does leadership appeal to you? Are calculated risks exciting?  Laney’s Business Entrepreneurship and Management classes are the place to put your dreams into action. #MindYourBusiness Read More…

Culture Society

Do you have a passion for cultural awareness, community organizing, and social justice? Fuel your curiosity while developing research and analytical skills. Learn how to connect the past with the present and turn interests and concerns into action. #LetsMakeHistory Read More…

Language and Communication

Are you interested in using language to advocate for yourself and connect with others? In a multicultural society, it’s important to connect with everyone. We want to empower you to raise your voice and help others do the same. #SpeakYourTruth Read More…

Please note, this tool is meant to be used in conjunction with a counselor and an SEP. To schedule a meeting with a counselor, click here.