Business, CIT, Entrepreneurship, & management

Business, CIT, Entrepreneurship & Management


Do you enjoy solving problems? Are you a self-starter who knows the value of teamwork? Does leadership appeal to you? Are calculated risks exciting?  Laney’s Business, Computer Information Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management classes are the place to put your dreams into action.

Departments Under This Area


Recommended First Term Classes:

* Course meets a CSU or IGETC general education requirement


MATH 13*  Statistics OR
MATH 13* plus MATH 213 (Support for Statistics) OR
MATH 1*   Precalculus OR
MATH 1* plus MATH 215 (Support for Precalculus)


ENGL 1A*    Reading and Composition OR
ENGL 1AS*  Reading and Composition with Support

Explorer Course

Choose One 
BUS 10
BUS 20

Description of Explorer Courses

BUS 10: Introduction to Business
Are you interested in starting your own business? Are you curious about how businesses work? Check out this excellent introduction into all aspects of business, organization, finance, personnel, production, marketing, management, and government! Guided by expert faculty with practical experience, in Business 10 you will master the skills to thrive in the interrelated realms of American and Global operations while highlighting the role of social responsibility and strategies for sustainability through real-world case studies and first-hand creative projects. With no prerequisites, Business 10 is open to all, earns you transferable CSU and UC credits, and counts toward your AA and Certificate for Business Administration, Marketing and Sales, and Accounting, and the AS-T Business Administration Degree.

BUS 20: General Accounting
Looking for an introductory course on the theory and practice of accounting? Business 20 is designed for students with minimal knowledge, understanding, or work experience in accounting. As you explore the complete business cycle, you will learn basic accounting practices, concepts, and key terms which provides a clear pathway for the Business 1A (Financial Accounting) course. Get your start in the exciting field of Accounting!